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Why your Business really needs a Web Site ?

According to a National Survey conducted by the Department of Census and Statistics, Computer Literacy in Sri Lanka has increased from 16.1% in 2006 to 36.1% in 2019.

The urban sector shows the highest computer literacy rate (42.2%) among residential sectors while computer literacy of rural and estate sectors are 25.5% and 9% respectively. Most of the people in here use Computers and they are using the internet to search for brands.

Let’s get back to the point again. If you choose a TV or Radio Commercial Advertisements you can advertise whatever you like in them. But it is only just for two-three minutes. You can do it for a long time if you have more money. But can you ensure that you get the right client from those advertisements? We hope that the answer is No. You can’t trust on those TV or Radio Advertising anymore. It may cost you a lot but we cannot always say that it can generate revenue back.

But when we come to Web Designing, after deploying a website it is always there for twenty-four hours a day. It means that it is always Online there for you and your valuable customers. You only have to cover the Hosting & Domain annual charges. It is very low when we compare it with the previous advertising methods. But if you choose us hosting is also free for you for the First Year.

So as a Sri Lankan Web Designing company we thought that we would have to help you to build your Online Presence. That’s why we came to this industry as Professional Web Designers in Sri Lanka. Now we got over forty-eight months of experience in Web Designing. Since 2015 we have completed over 50+ projects all over the World.

We offer you the best Service package we have simply because we want to make the Best Product all over the World. So make your web site create leads while you are sleeping.


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